Happy Valentines Day all you dancers! Shall we dance?

Simply Gemini


Listening to the radio

Our favorite song plays

I look at him

and he says..

”shall we dance?”

Of course I oblige

I always do

”There is not much I adore more

than dancing with you”

Strolling through town

on a sunny day

The street players singing

and you say

”shall we dance?”

My lover and I

dance every day

Under the night moon

and the light of the day

Wrapped in his arms

My head on his chest

My dancing lover

Is surely the best

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Stunning display of poppies at The Tower of London

I had chance to spend a few days in London last week and hearing about the poppies I had to go see them for myself.

Each poppy represents a soldier who lost their life in the Great War, which Britain entered 100 years ago this month.

I was very moved at the sight.

You can buy one of these beautiful ceramic poppies for £25 and the proceeds will go towards six service charities.  Please click here Buy a poppy .

The photo’s were taken by myself.

Poppies 2Poppies 1

Poppies 4Poppies 3

13 reasons why Bradford is the greatest city in the UK

Some wouldn’t agree, but as the City of my birth I have a soft spot. We still have much to shout about!


VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W  Please Credit: Tim Green/Flickr Bradford is worth a second look (Picture: Tim Green/Flickr)

Bradford – it may not be the city that comes to everyone’s mind first as the greatest place in the UK.

But those of us who were born and raised there, or discovered it later in life, know it has a surprising amount to offer.

From its fantastic mix of famous sons and fabulous food to green spaces and culture – here’s why Bradford deserves a second look.

1. It’s given birth to some world class talent

This image released by Starpix shows members of One Direction, from left, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne at the  premiere of the film "One Direction:This Is Us," at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York on Monday, Aug. 26, 2013.  (AP Photo/Starpix, Dave Allocca) If it wasn’t for Bradford, these guys would be a man down for a start (Picture: AP)

David Hockney, the Bronte sisters, JB Priestley and Frederick Delius all hailed from Bradford, as does Dynamo and only One Direction’s Zayn Malik. It must be something in the Yorkshire Water.

2. Bradford invented school dinners

Friends forever! (Picture: PA) Hang on, where are the chips and lumpy custard? (Picture: PA)

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Exposed – Picture it and write


This Is An Entry for This Weeks Picture it and Write

Please see Ermilia’s Blog  at the Link Below for all contributions and details of the event



I walked into work naked and no one said a thing.  I had deadline to meet by lunchtime and a conference call and then I could go home to get dressed.  Why on earth did I leave home with no clothes on? 


Lunchtime came and I met my deadline.  I set off walking to the car park and then the stares and the jeering began.  I was a freak show and the only thing I could do was to face the wall, until I was invisible. I was at last in my own private world, my dream world.


I do have the strangest dreams!   


Gem X     

Picture it and write – The mysterious queen


This Is An Entry for This Weeks Picture it and Write

Please see Ermilia’s Blog  at the Link Below for all contributions and details of the event

Ermilia’s Picture It and Write


“Anne Boleyn was rather tall of stature, with black hair and an oval face of sallow complexion, as if troubled with jaundice. She had a projecting tooth under the upper lip, and on her right hand, six fingers. There was a large wen under her chin, and therefore to hide its ugliness, she wore a high dress covering her throat.” – Nicholas Sander “The Rise and Growth of the Anglican Schism”.

Is she beauty?

Or is she beast?

The one who stole his heart

Her soul as dark as her veil

Yet her voice as sweet as a lark

Henry the VIII second wife

The one who bewitched the King

A mystery never to be solved

The mystery of Anne Boleyn

by Gemini