Amazing Arts & Artists : Pencil Drawing & Ben Heine

..more amazing art in pencil drawing..


Pencil Drawing

Among all the artistic media, pencil drawing stands out as one of the simplest, yet most varied. Artists use everything from graphite pencils, to charcoals and pastels, in capturing the emotional response that they want to evoke from their viewers. As with other media, no single school of thought has predominated for long, yet the range of sub-genres available in pencil drawing are staggering–ranging from caricature and cartooning, to pure doodling and the more complex designs associated with commercial art. At some time period or another, nearly every great artist has produced notable works in pencil–which only further underlines its universal appeal.

Yet pencil drawing did not become a more serious proposition until the 14th century, when paper becomes widely available. From that time onward, nearly every great artist–from Michaelangelo, to Rembrandt, van Gogh and Picasso, among many, many others–tried some kind of pencil drawing.

Whatever their chosen…

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