Stunning display of poppies at The Tower of London

I had chance to spend a few days in London last week and hearing about the poppies I had to go see them for myself.

Each poppy represents a soldier who lost their life in the Great War, which Britain entered 100 years ago this month.

I was very moved at the sight.

You can buy one of these beautiful ceramic poppies for £25 and the proceeds will go towards six service charities.  Please click here Buy a poppy .

The photo’s were taken by myself.

Poppies 2Poppies 1

Poppies 4Poppies 3


Pretty yellow daffodil


Oh pretty yellow daffodil

You sit alone today

Amongst the bolder tulips

You brighten up my day


The poor little droopy snowdrops

Remind us winters gone

We see the shooting crocuses

Pushing up so strong


The pretty little cherry blossom

Stands guarding the spring flora

Perhaps the other daffodils

Will bloom with you tomorrow







Daredevil photographer, Steve Brockett gets stunning views of beauty spots from his paraglider


Click this pic to visit his website and follow him at

Brave Steve Brockett, 52, took to the skies to capture breathtaking landscapes normally only seen by birds.

 Daredevil Mr Brockett flies at heights of up to 200 feet above the ground to take his amazing aerial images.

He was shortlisted for a top photography award for his pictures which give a glimpse into a world most of us will never see.

(Mailonline 26th October 2013) 


Stunning: Eroded river forms cut in to the desert landscape in the Altiplano of Baza, Granada, Spain


Salt production, nearr Alicante, Spain


They’ve got the hump: Camel riders trek through the Sahara desert in Morocco


Colour co-ordination: Pictured here is regimented housing southern Spain