A week of women in art ~ Day 1 – Helen Galloway McNicoll (1879-1915)

This week I thought I would introduce an art theme to my blog. Each day I will post something about women portrayed in art and/or female artists.  I hope you enjoy and as always I welcome your comments and any suggestions for a post of this theme.


Helen Galloway McNicoll


Helen Galloway McNicoll – Self Portrait


Helen Galloway McNicoll  was a Canadian impressionist painter and I have had the pleasure of seeing some of her work in the McMichael Gallery, Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada while I was visiting Ontario a few years ago.  This visit really piqued my interest in art and especially the Canadian landscape artists known as ”The group of seven”.  I will save that for another post as this week is all about women!

Helen  was born in Toronto and moved to England in 1902 to study at the Slade School.  She was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and an associate of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

She became deaf in childhood as a result of scarlet fever and upon her death at the age of 36 from complications of diabetes, her obituary described her as ”one of the most profoundly original and technically accomplished of the Canadian artists”  (Wahooart.com).


In the shadows of a tree


The Victorian dress


The open door


Under the shadow of the tent

The Chintz Sofa13

The chintz sofa

I just love the way she portrays tranquility in her art, especially in her portrayal of women. I also love the capture of sunlight in her paintings.

I hope you have enjoyed a little art culture today.  Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “A week of women in art ~ Day 1 – Helen Galloway McNicoll (1879-1915)

  1. Lovely idea, Gem. This was a new one on me and I’m looking forward to learning more as the week goes on. Are you thinking of including Berthe Morisot or Frieda Kahlo? And you’re spoilt for choice for images: Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Rubens, Fragonard, Botticelli……just off the top of my head! Hope you’re well 🙂 xx

  2. Thanks Clive, I wanted to do something different this week. Botticelli is on my list for sure and I think it has to be ”the birth of Venus”. Berhe Morisot would be a good impressionist to feature too . I do not proclaim to be a great Art expert, but do enjoy it and also some of the history of art. I wanted to do something a bit different in at least one of my posts and will be featuring my favorite classic author Jane Austen and some mystery. My lips are sealed now!
    I am well Clive. I bet you are counting the days down now! 🙂 Xx

  3. Wonderful theme! I’m loving this already. Never heard of this talented artist. She died way too young. Thanks for introducing her to us. xo

  4. Thank you Sweets, you are so supportive with my little themes and I really do appreciate it. She was way too young. Sadly too many talented and gifted people are taken from this world too soon it seems. Xx

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