Curve – A word a week challenge

This is my entry into the word a week challenge, with ”Curve” being this weeks word.  Please find the challenge via this link


‘’I just love those curves,’’ he said.  I thought he was being a little forward as it was our first date.  We met through an online dating agency and agreed to meet at a local country pub/restaurant not too far from my home.  Like a gentleman he had walked me to my car and I was hoping, perhaps he might ask me for a second date.  Now I was beginning to think he wanted to continue the first date somewhere else and I wasn’t sure I was ready for more intimacy yet.

‘’What a beautiful body,’’ he continued, ‘’I just want to run my hands up and down it.’’  His eyes were twinkling and bright and he looked like an over-excited teenager.  We hadn’t even kissed and he wasn’t exactly looking into my eyes.

By now I was flushing crimson in the face.  ‘’I just love the deep red colour, what a baby!’’ he continued with the over indulgent amorous words.  ‘’What I would do for a ride right now baby!’’

‘’I don’t know what kind of girl you think I am Sir,’’ I swiftly slapped him in the face. 

How could he spoil a perfect night out like this?  I really thought he was a gentleman.  We had wonderful conversation in the restaurant.  I told him I had recently been hurt and wanted to take things slow.   He held open the door, took off my coat, listened tentatively and now he had turned into a sex maniac!

‘’Whoa baby, what was that for? I was only admiring your car!’’


red car