squiggles, doodles, swirls and curves

insignificant patterns

no words

no words left

for me to say

ill save them for a better day


Oh to be Jane!

Jane Austen rice

Oh to be Jane
In her Regency gown
Walking along
The pretty spa town

Writing of love
And consequence
Playing the piano
And pondering with pen

For you dear Jane
I’d play you host
For you are the lady
I admire the most

I’d serve you tea
Of the finest kind
To discover you Jane
Was my greatest find

I’d be your confidant
And greatest friend
My favourite pen
I would gladly lend

We’d talk of fashion,
music and Art
It’s such a shame
We are years apart

Over 200 years
Of admiration
You have had
I’m sure you’d be thinking
You’ve not done bad!

A most famous author
A lady of history
Still much of your life
Remains a mystery

You left no journals
Of your daily thoughts
But I imagine your character
From the books I have bought

These yellow roses
I give to you
Hope they stop you
feeling blue

This winter, look for colour
To brighten up your days
The ever changing seasons
Will continue to amaze

Adorn your Christmas tree
With silver and gold
Add a splash of red
A picture to behold

Look out for the rainbow
Brightening dreary days
The patterns from the sun
Blended with the haze

Before you know it
The snow will disappear
Hello pretty daffodils
Spring is here!

Cute little lambs
A pleasure to be seen
Tiny little ducklings
Waddling across the green

We say goodbye to spring
It’s summertime at last
Yes those winter blues
So quickly have they past


Happy Valentines Day all you dancers! Shall we dance?

Simply Gemini


Listening to the radio

Our favorite song plays

I look at him

and he says..

”shall we dance?”

Of course I oblige

I always do

”There is not much I adore more

than dancing with you”

Strolling through town

on a sunny day

The street players singing

and you say

”shall we dance?”

My lover and I

dance every day

Under the night moon

and the light of the day

Wrapped in his arms

My head on his chest

My dancing lover

Is surely the best

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Stunning display of poppies at The Tower of London

I had chance to spend a few days in London last week and hearing about the poppies I had to go see them for myself.

Each poppy represents a soldier who lost their life in the Great War, which Britain entered 100 years ago this month.

I was very moved at the sight.

You can buy one of these beautiful ceramic poppies for £25 and the proceeds will go towards six service charities.  Please click here Buy a poppy .

The photo’s were taken by myself.

Poppies 2Poppies 1

Poppies 4Poppies 3