Happy Valentines Day all you dancers! Shall we dance?

Simply Gemini


Listening to the radio

Our favorite song plays

I look at him

and he says..

”shall we dance?”

Of course I oblige

I always do

”There is not much I adore more

than dancing with you”

Strolling through town

on a sunny day

The street players singing

and you say

”shall we dance?”

My lover and I

dance every day

Under the night moon

and the light of the day

Wrapped in his arms

My head on his chest

My dancing lover

Is surely the best

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Love Poetry

Missing you

miss you
The light fragrance of your hair
The smoothness of your skin
Being held in your arms
Covered by your limbs

These things I miss
When we break for a while
and not forgetting
Your sexy smile

Your whispers in my ear
and hands through my hair
Those tactile gestures
That show that you care

The way you say my name
or call me babe
and when you profess
Our love will never fade

Yet while we are apart
We know its not forever
In our hearts and minds
We are always together

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Primavera Anticipada – Laura Pausin and James Blunt

”All my hopes and my fears my hopes and fears
in this moment are clear
you are the one
my moon my star my sun”

Loving this and feeling blessed right now…


Precious love


Oh the magic of falling in love

Like a whole new spring in bloom

The song of the morning chorus

Playing a beautiful tune


And when love blossoms

Into a multi coloured display

The entire amazing flora

Surprises everyday


Like a delicate butterfly

Landing on a flower

Taking breaths away

Every minute of the hour


The preciousness of love

More valuable than gold

Two lovers together

A treasure to behold


By Gemini