Women in Art ~ Day 5 ~ Artists of today

Today in my ‘Women in Art ‘ week I am giving some bang up to date exposure, yet still very talented artists.  You never know, one day you may be saying  ”I saw it first on Gemini’s blog” .

The first is a painting for a lovely blog friend of mine Benjamin Prewitt .  He has a wonderful collection of art on his blog http://benjaminprewitt.com, so please visit his page.  I just love the colors and texture in his paintings and I think the color and curves in ”The Green Girl” below create a beautiful calming mood, with the female form being part of the main focus.  I am no expert art critique, and I really believe art should speak for itself and be open to self interpretation.  Benjamin has kindly given me a quote for his painting as you can see below.


”A story of history and birth. A story of strength and restriction. A message of perseverance in the face of subjectivity and objectivity.  When the dust settles are we not all made of simple bits that when composed into a larger picture create a thing of great beauty and respect.”-Benjamin Prewitt.

Thank you Benjamin for this and the pleasure of your art.


In the collage below, Ellie Collins from the university of Exeter, explores the stereotype of ”the perfect body”.


Collage by Ellie Collins, featured in ”Expose” , University of Exeter magazine.
Click the pic for the article

“This piece is centered around the idea of perfection, the ‘ideal body’ and the way stereotypes of women have been continually portrayed throughout art history, and the media today. Women are under continual pressure to look a certain way, often resorting to eating disorders, plastic surgery and other drastic measures to conform, changing their bodies in a desperate desire to obtain this perfect Barbie figure.” -Ellie Collins.


Alex Hook Krioutchkov , born in Russia in 1966 and studied Art in Russia and England.  Alex has enjoyed travelling and exploring painting experiences in the countries of ancient civilisations like India, Nepal, Egypt and Turkey, incorporating colorful, exotic cultures which have inspired the artist for a number of ‘oriental canvases.

He has lived in Mallorca, Spain since 2000 and exhibits much of his work there now.  He has also exhibited in the US and the UK.

Madona of India

Madona of India, Alex Hook Krioutchkov

Alex Hook 2

From his nude collection
Alex Hook Krioutchkov

I just love the sensuality in his nude paintings and I can see a trip to Palma, Majorca, Spain coming up in the foreseeable future  to visit his Art gallery. http://alexhookkrioutchkov.artpickle.com/

I hope you have enjoyed my post today of modern day artists who have each portrayed women in art in their own wonderful and unique way.

Thank you