Exposed – Picture it and write


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I walked into work naked and no one said a thing.  I had deadline to meet by lunchtime and a conference call and then I could go home to get dressed.  Why on earth did I leave home with no clothes on? 


Lunchtime came and I met my deadline.  I set off walking to the car park and then the stares and the jeering began.  I was a freak show and the only thing I could do was to face the wall, until I was invisible. I was at last in my own private world, my dream world.


I do have the strangest dreams!   


Gem X     

7 thoughts on “Exposed – Picture it and write

  1. Yay! Nude dreams! I used to have them all the time, mostly in a school setting, but it’s been a while. They say we almost all have them. I’ve read a lot of dream analysis stuff, but I say that’s all rubbish. For me it’s almost invariably a symbol that I’m forgetting something very important. The nudity can affect the other things I dream, but it’s almost never caused by them.

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