You take my breath away – Eva Cassidy

What a lovely song from a beautiful singer with an angelic voice.

Sadly Eva died in 1996 from melanoma and her music was little known during her lifetime. Many,including myself are enjoying the pleasure of her voice and her songs now.

Thank you Joseph for sending me the link to this website –

3 thoughts on “You take my breath away – Eva Cassidy

  1. I love listening to Eva Cassidy sing. There’s something mesmerizing and relaxing about the sound of her voice. Some of my top favorites songs that she sings are — “My Love is Like a Red Rose” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Precious! 🙂

  2. They are two of my favorites too and I love ”Songbird” and ”Time after time” . I have just ordered ”The best of Eva Cassiday” from Amazon with some gift vouchers a very dear friend sent me. I have been listening to her all day! Xx 🙂

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