World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day from Clive’s Blog.

Clive does a great job in helping to bring health awareness to us all. Thank you Clive.

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I said last week that there were several of my Dates of Note coming up. Here’s the next one: World Hepatitis Day, which is tomorrow.

WHD_EN_Poster_08World Hepatitis Day was launched by the World Hepatitis Alliance in 2008 , and is one of only four official World Health Organisation disease-specific days each year. It takes place on 28th July every year and provides an international focus for patient groups and people living with viral hepatitis, or Hep B and Hep C as you may have heard them called. There are two main themes for World Hepatitis Day 2013: ‘This is Hepatitis. Know it. Confront it,’ which has been used since 2010, and ‘See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil’, as shown by the three wise monkeys above. The first theme and the supporting posters are intended to shock us into a greater understanding of hepatitis, while the second relates…

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